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"Brainstorming your perfect wedding and struggling to decide what will work best? There is only one name you need to know: GettiMelam."

We are here to execute your plans and streamline your event so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself! We pride ourselves in being easily accessible and available to our clients and working with honesty and integrity. Whether you are getting married or preparing for a special event, it should be a celebration that you cherish forever! At A Day to Cherish, we specialize in memorable events!

We connect you with professionals who fit your budget, needs, and personality. You'll save time, energy, and money with tried and true tools for managing your budget, checklist, and timeline. We plan beautiful, elegant and luxurious weddings. "Gettimelam is the ultimate wedding planner extraordinaire"

Being the host of your event and the guest of honor is plenty for one day! We take pride in being your advocate in every detail! We will take care of your vendor check in, timeline, and any decor or event set up! Whether your vision is rooted in tradition or inspired by trends, we have resources to infuse your celebration with charisma. We build a unique experience around your personality that won’t be forgotten!

Our Services

Wedding Venue

One of the first steps in your wedding planning is finding the location that best matches your wedding vision and budget.It saves you the time in searching and provides you with the best options to match your vision, style and budget.We are always watching for up and coming locations and those unique spaces that aren't traditionally and selecting a location used for weddings.

Catering Services

The meals at your wedding and wedding related events are often used as a judging factor on how the whole event was.Even if you have the best décor and ambience,a sub-standard wedding meal pretty much kills the effort and quite literally leaves a bad taste in your guests’mouths! Always check if they have menu selections based on different dietary restrictions if needed.


Wedding and wedding reception design and décor is not a simple undertaking involving just the big picture decorations like the flowers, mandap and basic lighting, it involves a variety of small and big tasks like seating arrangements, finding or creating the perfect centerpieces or stage backdrops, deciding on ambient or mood lighting important to decide and much, much more.

Photo & Videography

Wedding photography has evolved from the stiff poses and strained smiles in pictures from decades ago. There are various wedding photography styles you can choose from nowadays.You can opt for a set or wedding album of the traditional portraiture style posed photographs as well as the newer styles like the photojournalistic wedding photography.

Guest Management

Chances are your near and dear ones are scattered all over the world and are making the journey for your big day. It might be a good idea to break up your guest list as per age and when your wedding guests are expected? Making your out of town guests feel properly welcomed and showing your appreciation & important because they are taking the effort to be part of your wedding and other celebrations.

Music and Dance

It’s no surprise that there are so many wedding based movies; weddings are a source of romance, glamour and yes lots of entertainment.Another great option is to hire a live band or musicians to add the perfect harmonious touch to the wedding you can even have them perform your song as you dance at the reception. Folk singers, pop singers,etc… find one that suits yours and your partner’s musical tastes.

Mangala Vadhyam

Depending on the ritual the wedding songs and the lyrics change. The wedding begins with offering prayers to lord Ganesha. The bride is considered to be an incarnation of goddess Lakshmi and therefore, when the bride is entering the lyrics signify that she would take along good luck and wealth to her new family.The lyrics and music during the garlanding ceremony would be more auspicious.

Seer Plates

Seer plates are important while handing over the seer within the in-laws and are usually made of brass. Weare provides you with all the seer plates that you would need and coordinates your wedding.A month before the wedding and both sides of the couple would be busy in selecting the items to fulfill the seer list. It has become more of a ceremony and a gesture of goodwill and kindness.

Our Works

Our luxury wedding planning and design service is tailored around our clients and we work in whatever way suits you and your lifestyle: out of hours or long distance as required. Our approach to wedding planning is bespoke: we do not offer packages or try to shoe-horn you into an existing service.As we plan your wedding we can work around your schedules and bring prospective suppliers to you. Wherever the location, GettiMelam team will manage and oversee your celebration to ensure it runs seamlessly.

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